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Précis of Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking amongst Young People in 2007

As we’ve done in previous years we’ve been looking through the information from Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking amongst Young People in 2007 and now have a précis of what it says which we hope will be useful to those who don’t have quite as much time as I do to pour over the figures.

The paper can be downloaded here.

And for those who want it really short and sweet there’s also a single page of facts and figures.

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2 Responses

  1. Tom Basrrow says:

    in my experience of working with boys who have been prescribed ritalin there is a great number who have developed a desire later on in adolescence towards the more stimulant element of illegal drugs such as speed. More often than not this begins with the stimuli effects of nicotine.

    another possible area to consider is the ever growing hallucernergenic stimulant effects now being associated to ‘Skunk cannabis’. this and the underlying predisposition link to mental health is now beginning to cause real concerns for many of the drug workers i work with.

  2. drugeducationforum says:

    Interesting thoughts Tom. I wonder whether the new guidance from NICE about the prescription of Ritalin will help.

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