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Know Your Limits – Street Dares

The government have launched a new Know Your Limits campaign.  The Home Office’s press release gives a flavour of what they’re trying to achieve:

The centrepiece of this year’s Know Your Limits campaign is a new internet viral advert which shows footage of people’s sober reactions when asked to behave as they would if drunk.

A presenter asks members of the public to smear vomit on themselves, pinch a stranger’s bum and fight. His demands escalate to glassing another person and throwing a bin through a window. The advert captures people’s expressions when confronted with what some people will do when they’re drunk.

Here’s the video:

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Children Young People and Alcohol – Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits have a page which focuses on talking to children and young people’s about alcohol.  They say:

If your child is curious about alcohol, talk to them about it openly and honestly – even younger children know about drinking and can talk about it. Try to explain both the positive and negative aspects of drinking. You’ve probably learned from your mistakes, so give them the benefit of your experience.

Try not to go overboard if your child comes home drunk. Getting angry may cause them to hide their drinking habits from you in future, leaving you powerless to influence their behaviour.

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Know Your Limits – Children, Young People and Alcohol

Know Your Limits, the government’s public health campaign around alcohol, has a new “burst” of advertising which we can expect to see on TV, in magazines and online.

It will feature an existing TV advert (targeting females) and a series of new print adverts [see below] running in women’s and entertainment weekly magazines. This activity is targeted at parents and aims to encourage them to evaluate their own drinking because of the potential effect that it might have on their children’s behaviour.

They point out that research suggests that parental drinking is amongst the greatest influences on the way young people drink alcohol.

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