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New Forum Website

DEFI’ve been working on a new website for the Drug Education Forum which I hope you’ll want to go and take a look at.

As you’ll immediately see the new site includes video that we shot asking young people to talk about their sense of the value of drug education as well as other resources that we’ve produced over the last few years.

The idea is that we’ll also integrate this blog into the main site which will I hope will make the rest of our site more accessible.

Anyway I’m hoping you’ll like the site and if you have any feedback you’ll let me know.


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You want to know how well your prevention program is working? We can almost tell you

Prevention Action have an article looking at showing effectiveness in prevention:
In tough economic times there is always a push to do more with less. Evidence-based programs need to be careful about cutting corners in how they deliver their services when they are expanded in the community. If they don’t stay true to their original model, they may not be able to deliver the benefits either

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Research in Brief

Youth Clubs Strengthen Kids’ Self Image to Keep Them out of Trouble  
Science Daily and EurekAlert! carry this story.  The research, carried out in Utah, interviewed over 300 young people between the ages of 9 and 16 and included questions about drug and alcohol use.  The researchers say:
"We’re finding that daily attendance isn’t as important as whether the kids feel

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Pathways to Prevention

Click on the image above to read an article I’ve written for Public Service Review wearing my Mentor hat.

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Research in Brief

Project ALERT’s Effects on Adolescents’ Prodrug Beliefs: A Replication and Extension Study
My thanks to Mike for sending through this paper which takes a look at what difference Project ALERT has on young people’s beliefs about drug use.
The researchers were looking to see whether the programme had an effect on:
adolescents’ intentions to use substances in the

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Underage Drinking Prevention Begins with a Conversation

The latest SAMHSA newsletter asks:
When do kids start thinking about alcohol? In eighth grade [between thirteen and fourteen years old]? “Not my son,” says a parent in one of the new public service announcements (PSAs) from SAMHSA and the Ad Council. In the PSA, the parent is talking about a lifesize mannequin. The message? “Real kids are curious about alcohol"
Looking at

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This blog tries to pick up relevant media and research stories about drug education. It mainly focuses on information in England as this is the geographical remit for the Drug Education Forum. We welcome comments that are on topic.

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