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World Anti-Doping Agency on drug education

The Bucks Free Press have an interview with Tony Copsey about the work he’s doing around drug misuse in rugby for the World Anti-Doping Agency.  He says:

“Where we’re coming from it is keeping that deterrent of more testing and more banning if required, but also up-front education and support because there is a lot of evidence that recreational drugs are a spur of the moment decision with people not really thinking about the ramifications.

“Matt Stevens is a classic example of a young player, very talented, who strayed down the wrong path. We’re not being naive and thinking that might not happen to another player.

“If you go to school these days you will get exposed to drug education and we sometimes forget that young players need that education as well.”

On the WADA site they have a number of pages dealing with education where they say:

Athletes who dope usually make this decision being fully aware of the necessary factual information about doping and its consequences. Those who decide not to dope will often do so based on personal convictions, of which the foundation is a strong values system. A preventive education program aimed at values development will ensure that young people, athletes and athlete support personnel have reasons to decide to avoid doping and to stick to that decision.

You can download their teachers toolkit which they hope will help educate young people about the dangers and issues associated with doping in sport here.

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Cannabis Resources on BBC

Anti-legalisation video
The BBC’s Learning Zone has a range of resources which include some on cannabis.

They have video clips which illustrate the arguments for and against legalising cannabis, the issues around use and abuse of the drug.

They give a number of ideas about how the clips can be used in the classroom – to set up a debate on the legal position of the drug, or:

as a trigger for a discussion about the reasons why people choose to break the law and smoke cannabis. Use in conjunction with other user testimonies. Compare and contrast with the social and emotional problems presented in the clip. See this BBC link for further information http://www.bbc.co.uk/switch/surgery/advice/drink_drugs/cannabis/.

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What’s the deal on quitting cannabis?

quitting-cannabisVia Drug World News I’ve come across an Australian resource for those trying to reduce or quit their use of cannabis.

It’s not aimed at young people specifically, as far as I can tell, but given that cannabis remains the most widely used illegal drug in the UK and the substance that most young people are seeking treatment for I thought it might be of interest to this audience.

The leaflet says:

Overcoming cannabis dependence or changing any behaviour is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. In fact, most people say that it was not as hard as they first feared. It takes commitment, effort and persistence. Try to have supportive, positive people around you, at least for the first 7 – 10 days.

If you have the desire to change, and work towards your goal in a careful and strategic way, it will work for you.

The leaflet asks the reader to make an assessment of their dependency on cannabis and then to look at strategies for changing their behaviour should the choose to do so.

Download it here.

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Strategy needs to see the child, not the drugs

Children & Young People Now has a comment piece by Jo Butcher (a former Coordinator of the Drug Education Forum) about the conclusion to a project she has been working on:

Every Child Matters provides a clear framework to develop a holistic and outcomes driven strategy within the context of a rapidly developing wellbeing policy agenda. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need a separate drugs strategy as drugs would be seen as the core business of all those working with and for children and young people.

A unique alliance of five leading national children’s charities – NCB, Barnardo’s, NCH, NSPCC and The Children’s Society – will soon launch the results of its two year programme on embedding drugs within the mainstream children’s agenda. The programme’s outcomes remind us that children who use drugs or are affected by other’s drug use are, first and foremost children and that alcohol, tobacco and volatile substances, as well as illegal drugs, impact significantly on their lives.

I was at the launch event yesterday and so can point you in the direction of all the resources that are on the web:

  • Barnardo’s – Fit for Purpose [pdf]; a tool kit for assessing an organisation’s capacity to respond to children young people and families affected by substance misuse.
  • The Children’s Society – promise to publish a report in the near future.
  • NCB – have a briefing on the project which includes key messages for government and practitioners (more of which in a moment).
  • NCH – have an order form for Under My Roof [pdf] their training pack.
  • NSPCC – don’t have their resources up yet, but I’m told that when they are they’ll be here.

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