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Alcohol and the adolescent: addressing the binge society

The Royal Society of Medicine are holding a conference on young people’s drinking.  They say:

We are being bombarded by reports in the media about young people having trouble as a result of binge drinking. We know that there is evidence of a real problem, not just a media campaign. So how should we understand this problem? How should we respond to it?

More details here.


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Conference – Alcohol, drugs and anti-social behaviour in rural areas

rural-drug-programmeMentor UK are holding a conference on Alcohol, drugs and anti-social
behaviour in rural areas.

The event will take place in Nottingham on 11 June.  The flyer points out:

Rural areas, coastal towns, ex-mining areas and market towns continue to experience significant problems from drug and alcohol abuse, and from associated anti-social behaviour. Recent Home Office funding, which was recently announced for 50 priority areas with the highest levels of alcohol-related disorder, included places such as North East Lincolnshire, Weymouth and Mansfield.

Sessions include:

  • a comparison of findings on young people’s drug use from rural and urban areas;
  • a presentation on the diversity of modern rural Britain, recent changes, and the need for multiple approaches;
  • commissioning services for young people and families to meet the rural dynamic; and
  • Operation Goodnight: a curfew on under 16s in an area blighted by underage drinking, vandalism and graffiti.

The programme can be downloaded here, and a booking form is available here.

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PSHE education- Putting Policy into Practice – Conference

pshe-assocVia email I’ve had details about the PSHE Association’s annual meeting.  They say:

The second annual PSHE Association conference will provide an excellent opportunity to explore and develop curriculum practice within PSHE education. Workshops will be experiential and designed to support and improve classroom practice. A range of cross-phase workshop topics will be on offer including risk education, SRE and drug education, bereavement, planning through concepts and processes, financial education, diversity and values and more; there will also be input from QCA on the primary curriculum review.

More details on their website.

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Presentation to VNGOC Policy Forum

vienna-1I was asked to make a presentation to the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs as part of a session they had on good practice in cyberspace, which I did yesterday.

As you’ll see from the slides below my talk was about this blog and the Forum’s website and I then went on to make some general points about writing for the web reflecting on my experience over the last few years.

It’s my first international conference and was a fantastic opportunity to talk about what we do and the role that this site has had in our work since I came to work for the Forum.

It was also good to hear how others are using the web in their work on drug and alcohol problems.  You can see the agenda for the session here.

I wanted to particularly mention the presenation from Teuvo Peltoniemi, Head, Information Dept, A-Clinic, Finland, and President, PrevNet, who spoke about how ICT is being used to support prevention and treatment services at the moment and talked about how he sees this developing in the future.

I hope I can get a copy of his presentation and if so I’ll post it here.

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Presentation to Hope UK’s Family Conference

I was asked to talk about the national drug and alcohol policies at a conference organised by one of our members, Hope UK.

As I hope I explained during my talk, there were all sorts of things I left out that maybe ought to be in the presentation – for example the ACMD and the Youth Crime Action Plan – but I hope it’s a useful overview of how policy is put together.

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Conference – The youth of today: yobs or future leaders?

ESRC logo

The ESRC has what looks like it might be an interesting series of conferences, but this one stood out:

Whether there is biological evidence to explain why teenagers are linked with undesirable behaviours will be the focus of an event on 11 March. Drawing on cutting edge research evidence from leading experts the discussion will look at whether a better understanding of the biological and evolutionary development factors of teenagers could be used to help prevent or better manage these undesirable behaviours.

Rather than just being discussed, teenagers will actively contribute to each of these debates debate both on their own behaviour and the adult population.

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Conference – Youth Alcohol and Crime

I’ve been asked to bring your attention to the Youth Alcohol and Crime conference that is being put on by the Alcohol & Health Research Unit at the University of the West of England.

The organisers say:

Heavy drinking, sometimes associated with crime and disorder, causes great concern, both within the United Kingdom and in many other countries. Young people, especially teenagers and those aged 20-24 years are a high risk group for binge drinking and its negative effects. There has been an enormous recent increase in alcohol consumption amongst young people in the UK.  Teenagers are drinking twice as much as they did in 1990.  Moreover, this rise has included young women, who are increasingly becoming involved in alcohol-related disorder.

The conference takes place on Friday 13th November and there’s a draft agenda and booking form which you can download here.

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Working with young people about drugs and alcohol – Regional workshops

I’ve been asked to draw your attention to a number of regional workshops being put on by DrugScope:

DrugScope are holding a series of five one-day regional workshops for those who work with young people around drugs and alcohol. Using DrugScope’s recently published Essential guide to working with young people about drugs and alcohol (PDF 273KB) as a resource, each workshop will have a particular theme with presentations on key issues from invited speakers, group discussions and an opportunity to showcase local practice. The themes are: Alcohol and young people; working with families; effective interventions and complex needs; mental health and sexual health, and criminal justice.

All the details can be found here.

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Cannabis Interventions & Young People – Training

I’ve been sent the details of a couple of training opportunities focusing on interventions with young people around cannabis use.

Both are in Halifax

  • 26th November 2008 9.30-4.00pm The Enterprise Centre Halifax
  • 11th December 2008 9.30-4.00pm The Enterprise Centre Halifax

Cost: £120.00 per Delegate, Lunch, Refreshments, and a Cannabis Toolkit.  I’m told that places are limited.

Download the booking form here and here’s the programme outline for the day.

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Drugs, Race & Discrimination – Release Conference

I’ve had the following through and thought it may be of interest to readers:

National drugs charity Release is offering free places to 16-24 year olds to attend its annual conference on Thursday 18 September 2008 at the Hampstead Theatre in London – details can be found at Release Conference 2008.

The conference will focus on race and discrimination, and will consider the human rights impact of drug policy on young people.

For more details, please contact Niamh Eastwood on 020 7749 4033.

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