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Select Committee on Home Affairs Second Report

One of the sections from the recently published report of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report on the nature and extent of young black people’s overrepresentation in the criminal justice system has this to say about drugs:

The Youth Justice Board told us that young black people make up 3% of the youth population, but account for 10% of those sentenced for drugs offences.

House of Commons – Home Affairs – Second Report

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Getting It. Getting It Right

My thanks to Adrian King for doing the detective work on finding Getting It. Getting It Right, that I tried and failed to find last week.

You’ll recall the report looks at the links between the use of exclusions and ethnicity. It concludes:

Every year 1000 Black pupils are permanently excluded and nearly 30,000 receive a Fixed Period Exclusion.

On average, these pupils will:

  • be one third less likely to achieve 5 A*- C at GCSE;
  • be 3% more likely to be unemployed;
  • experience a reduction of £36,000 in lifetime earnings;
  • be more likely to commit crimes, commit serious crime and to re-offend;
  • be more likely to smoke, drink and take drugs.

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