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Crack Story in Young People Now

Young People Now look at whether there may be more young people using crack than official figures suggest:

An estimated 25,000 young people have tried crack cocaine, but many drug agencies believe this figure could be much higher.

They point to a study from Imperial College London which indicates:

there could be 46,000 crack cocaine users aged 15 to 44 in London, suggesting one in every 100 young adult Londoners could be a user.

The article also acknowledges the growth in services for young people:

In 2003-04, £19.5m was spent on substance abuse services for young people, rising to £23m in 2004-05. A 42 per cent increase is planned for 2005-06.


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Hertford ‘becoming crack town for kids’

Hertfordshire Mercury News report that:

A DRUGS expert has warned that Hertford is turning into a crack town because of an alarming rise in drug use by youths as young as 14.

Kevin Michael, director of the Chrysalis Drug Project, based in Priory Street, Hertford, has seen a marked increase in young people asking for help to kick their crack and heroin habit.

Meanwhile the Home Office reports:

The figures for 2004/05 showed decreases in the use of crack, heroin and methadone amongst 16 to 24 year olds compared to 2003/04.

The Department of Health in their survey of Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2004 found that only 4% of young people under the age of 16 had taken any Class A drug, and the figures for crack (1%) and heroin (1%) were much lower.

That said, we have recently seen that where young people are taking drugs like heroin they face very real problems seeking support.

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