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Drug dealers as young as nine operate in the playground

The Telegraph

Figures disclosed for the first time show that hundreds of under-16s are arrested each year for dealing drugs. Many are picked up by police while in school.

The number of suspected child dealers arrested has soared by a third from 369 in 2006 to 507 last year. These figures, obtained from the police under Freedom of Information laws, show that criminal street gangs are increasingly using children to sell drugs, specialists said.

Separate figures show that more than 1,000 children are arrested every year with drugs in schools.

According to the latest annual drug use, smoking and drinking survey of pupils, 14% of drugs for the 11-15 year group are obtained in school (this figure appears to be significantly increased by the per centage of volatile substances obtained in school; 49%).

The same survey told us that 74% of drugs obtained were through friends (mostly of the same age as the respondent).

Two years ago the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in research on drug selling in local communities reported that:

The participation of young people varied across the markets, but in all, their involvement was reported to be increasing.


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