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links for 2010-01-29

  • New powers to tackle underage drinking, including making it easier for police to confiscate alcohol, move on groups of teenagers causing trouble and stop retailers selling to underage children come into effect today.

    The powers were introduced through the Policing and Crime Act, which received Royal Assent in November 2009, and can be used from today by police forces across England and Wales.

  • Parents who try to teach responsible drinking by letting their teenagers have alcohol at home may be well intentioned, but they may also be wrong, according to a new study in the latest issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

    In a study of 428 Dutch families, researchers found that the more teenagers were allowed to drink at home, the more they drank outside of home as well. What's more, teens who drank under their parents' watch or on their own had an elevated risk of developing alcohol-related problems.

  • Children as young as 12 are coming to school under the influence of a 'legal high' drug linked to deaths and serious illnesses, teachers have revealed.

    Pupils are turning up to lessons disorientated or suffering physical symptoms such as nose bleeds after taking 'meow meow' – a drug sold legally as a fertiliser over the internet.

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  • In 2008/09 under-age drinkers were admitted with alcohol-related conditions on 12,832 occasions.

    The figures, released by Public Health Minister Gillian Merron in a Commons written answer, show a decline from the level in 2007/08 when there were 14,501 admissions.

  • Teenagers in the north-east of England are the most likely to smoke and drink, according to a new NHS survey.

    Forty two percent of 11 to 15-year-olds in that region had smoked at least once in their lives and 10% of young people were regular smokers.

    In contrast London had the smallest proportion of regular smokers at 5% and the lowest percentage of drinkers as well.

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  • Teenagers in London are the most clean-living in the country, an official report says today.

    Drinking and smoking among 11 to 15-years-olds in the capital is lower than anywhere else.

    Less than 40 per cent had ever drunk alcohol, and those who did consumed on average 11.3 units a week — the least in England.

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  • Young people aged 11 to 15 in London drink and smoke substantially less than some of their contemporaries in the north of England, NHS data shows.
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  • Retailers should steer clear of 'retargeting' advertising to protect children from alcohol advertising.

    Alcohol Concern has today called on drinks retailers to steer clear of 'retargeting' advertising techniques in order to protect children from alcohol adverts.

  • ELEVEN to 15-year-olds in the North-East are the most likely in the country to smoke and drink alcohol, according to a national survey.

    North-East youngsters are also the most liable to have tried smoking.

    The statistics are contained in a new report from the NHS Information Centre.

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