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links for 2010-01-04

  • Parents in England are being warned not to under-estimate the "dangerous consequences" of under-age drinking.

    Children's Secretary Ed Balls says parents worried about their children's safety should recognise the connection between alcohol and "risky behaviour".

    This follows a survey suggesting many parents do not rank drinking alcohol as a serious risk to their children.

  • PRIMARY school children are being treated for cocaine ­addiction as shocking figures ­yesterday showed a 50 per cent rise in youngsters hooked on the drug.

    Damning NHS figures showed that 15 children aged 12 or younger, 14 12-to-14-year-olds and 169 14-to-16-year-olds sought treatment for cocaine use last year.

  • The number of children needing help to quit cocaine has soared by 50% in just three years, alarming figures revealed yesterday.

    Tragically, youngsters under 12 are among those getting hooked.

    Experts treated 745 under-18s for coke addiction in 2008-09 – way up on the 453 seen in 2005-06.

  • The number of children being treated for cocaine addiction has nearly doubled in four years, NHS figures show, with the drug’s “glamorous” image being blamed for the rise.

    Young adults are increasingly requiring treatment for addiction to cocaine, often after developing a habit in their teens or twenties.

  • Record numbers of teenagers are receiving help for drug and alcohol problems, but the number of those undergoing counselling for heroin and crack use is falling, official figures show.

    A total of 24,053 under-18s in England were treated in 2008-09, according to statistics from the NHS National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA). That was 150 up on the previous year, suggesting that demand for specialist services such as counselling and harm reduction is levelling off, said the NTA.

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  • The number of children being treated for cocaine addiction has increased by 50% in three years, latest figures show.

    Last year 745 under 18s in England sought help from the National Treatment Agency for coke abuse, up from 453 in 2005/6.

    Among them was a small group of very young children. Fourteen twelve to fourteen year-olds and 169 14-16 year-olds needed help to get off the Class A drug.

    Worryingly the figures showed 15 children aged 12 or younger were treated for all Class A drug use last year.

  • A SCHEME which helps young drug users turn their lives around faces “potential disaster” because of government plans to slash its budget.

    Over the next two years, cash given to Bolton Young People’s Substance Misuse could be slashed from £427,610 to £177,409.

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