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links for 2009-12-17

  • I meet Barbara in the Kettering offices of her charity, Solve It, which she set up in 1989, the year after Darren's death. "I thought of myself as a responsible parent. I'd told all three sons about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. I'd even spoken to them about safe sex, which they hated, but I never spoke to them about substance abuse because my knowledge of it was nonexistent.

    "This is what Solve It is all about. I don't want any mother to suffer what I did." She set up the charity to educate parents and children about the dangers of VSA and in 2000 received an MBE for her work. She estimates she has told 270,000 people ā€“ children, parents, carers and professionals ā€“ about the dangers and seductions of VSA, which she defines as the deliberate inhalation of any aerosol, solvent or gas-based products in order to become intoxicated.

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  • Parents who allow their children alcohol at home may be increasing the chances of future drinking problems, says England's chief medical officer.

    Sir Liam Donaldson accused some parents of a "laissez-faire" approach and said letting children taste alcohol to ready them for adulthood was "misguided".

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  • "There really is no evidence to support this at all," he said. "The idea that you give children alcohol early on and they will be OK is not supported by evidence at all. The earlier they are introduced to alcohol the more they get a taste for it and are likely to end up as heavily drinking adults or binge drinking in their childhood."

    He said half a million 11- to 15-year-olds will have been drunk in the last four weeks. Every week 11- to 17-year-olds drink the equivalent of 9m pints of beer or 2m bottles of wine. Every year, 7,600 11- to 17-year-olds end up in hospital because of alcohol.

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  • The school said the head of chemistry explained to the other sixth formers about the dangers of "legal high" drugs during a special assembly.

    Head teacher Angela Daly said: "We know that teenagers experiment but we never condone drug misuse, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or these new legal highs, the illicit drugs.

    "Our school drug policy is clear and pro-active and we followed our policy closely with this Mephedrone incident."


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  1. Synchronium says:

    Here’s a worthwhile link:

    Every story on mephedrone recently has included the above girl, and now it seems she died of something else. Somehow, I doubt this article will receive anywhere near as much publication as the initial report on her death.

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