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links for 2009-12-08

  • Currently only secondary school pupils are taught about internet safety.

    Under the new proposals, online safety would be taught to all pupils from the age of five in England as part of their personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), which includes drug awareness, bullying, sex education, healthy living and personal finance.

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  • Thornbury Youth Centre, based at the Turnberrie's Community Centre, currently opens four nights a week Monday to Thursday, working with children and teenagers aged between 11 and 19.

    Mr Godwin said: "We operate a programme for various age groups. There is issue-based work like drug education and sexual health and also social projects."

    Despite the success of the youth centre during the week, people in Thornbury have long campaigned for the youth service to operate during weekends.

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  • Gloucestershire’s schools have reached their Healthy Schools target three months early, with 93% of schools awarded Health Schools status. Twelve primary schools, one special school, four secondary schools and the Hospital Education Service in Gloucestershire will receive their Healthy Schools Commendations at the Gloucestershire Healthy Schools Celebration on Wednesday (2nd December).

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