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links for 2009-10-23

  • Professor Neil McKeganey, from the centre for drug misuse research at Glasgow University, described the rise in the use of cocaine as "very worrying". He said: "In my view, cocaine is one of the most serious threats we are facing. It's not yet on the scale of heroin but it is changing dramatically in terms of misuse."

    Asked about the extent to which the behaviour of drug-taking celebrities could be blamed for drug use among the young, he said: "We wouldn't have one of the largest drug problems in Europe if our drug prevention policies had been successful. I think that [celebrity drug use] doesn't help matters, but it doesn't have a substantial impact on young people taking drugs."

  • Dozens of teachers with criminal convictions are being allowed to remain in the classroom, a shocking investigation has discovered.

    Members of staff who have been convicted of crimes including harassment, battery, assault, indecent exposure, indecent assault and possessing Class A drugs have not been banned from teaching.

    (tags: teachers)
  • Police in a south Wales community are trying to tackle the supply of valium after a number of people, including children, have been taken to hospital.
    (tags: valium Wales)

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