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links for 2009-08-06

  • More than two-fifths of teenagers know someone who has suffered mental health problems caused by cannabis, a report shows.

    The study by drug information service Frank found that 74 per cent of young people are aware that cannabis can harm mental health, while 56 per cent associate cannabis use with losing motivation and doing badly at school or college.

    (tags: cannabis)
  • News report from ITN reflecting on Drinkaware's findings about the reasons young people may be drinking.
    (tags: alcohol)
  • The online survey of more than 1,000 young people by Drinkaware revealed eight per cent of young people drank every week to relieve boredom and almost a third had consumed alcohol when bored.

    Summer holidays were a source of boredom for more than half of the young people surveyed and more than half intend to drink alcohol during this period.

    (tags: alcohol)
  • It may be unwelcome news to ministers, but many young people take drugs for enjoyment, not to feed an addiction. UK drug policy, however, speaks predominantly to the parents of users and their simmering fears…

    A very strong trend in British Crime Survey figures shows that people often decide to stop taking drugs by their late twenties. There is a compelling case for the government to fund research into what persuades people to stop, and feed that information into its education messages.

    (tags: cocaine BCS)
  • Four out of ten teenagers know someone with mental health problems caused by cannabis, a report shows.

    More than half of youngsters questioned also believed that those smoking the drug lose motivation and do badly at school.

    (tags: cannabis FRANK)

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