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Treatment Figures for Children in England

A number of the papers are reporting figures on children and young people’s drug treatment.

The Metro says:

figures, from the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, show 11,294 under-16s were receiving help for addictions.

Of those, 4,005 – 57 of whom were under 12 – were treated for alcoholism.

A further 232 were being treated for cocaine misuse, 36 for crack, 165 for ecstasy and 93 – including ten under the age of 12 – for heroin addiction.

There were also 22 under-12s who were treated for solvent abuse.

The Daily Mail says the figures come from questions raised by the Conservative health spokesman, Andrew Lansley, who acuses the government of failing to prioritise this issue and calls for action to be taken.

In March this year the NTA published a report into their treatment of young people; at the time we pointed out they had told us:

there are more young people in treatment, 23,905 under 18s in 2007/08, up from 17,001 in 2005/06.’

So, what we’ve learnt from today’s stories is that more young people are in treatment between 16 and 18 (12,611) than under 16 (11,294).

Back in March the NTA argued:

There is growing public concern about young people’s use of drugs and alcohol.’ Though this concern is understandable, there is little evidence to support the perception that drug and alcohol use is spreading among young people.


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