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Preventive Interventions Addressing Underage Drinking: State of the Evidence and Steps Toward Public Health Impact

Mike Ashton continues to send through very interesting papers.

This one is looking at the emerging evidence base for alcohol prevention. The researchers say there are a growing number of evidenced programmes, and the quality of the evidence appears to be improving, but they rightly warn there’s more work to be done to find the most effective prevention tools.

They go on to suggest three thoughts that those developing and commissioning research should think about:

This work should consider (1) the great need for intervention research related to understudied developmental phases, intervention domains (eg, family, school, community, and media), and populations (eg, early tweens, late teens, young adults not attending college, and nonmajority populations); (2) the critical importance of addressing key issues in research design and methods (eg, limited longitudinal studies, replication studies, and dissemination research); and (3) the need for improved consistency in application of evidence and reporting standards. Finally, we recommend the application of emerging consumer-oriented and community-participatory models for intervention development and research, designed to increase the likelihood of “real-world” public health impact through improved translation of intervention science into practice.


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