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High, above the law

The BBC’s Magazine asks:

When does a drug actually become illegal? As Glastonbury opens its gates for another year, some festival goers will choose "legal highs" as an alternative to illicit drugs… helped by dealers who are using obscure loopholes to sidestep the law.

The rest of the piece goes to look at a couple of the legal highs, how the government are considering reacting to them and the difficulties they have in bringing the law to bare on the substances.

It quotes Dr John Ramsey who wants young people to understand there are unknown risks associated with using some of these drugs.  He says:

"If you buy something from a high street shop as a tablet or capsule, it’s fairly obvious it’s to be taken as a drug. It’s more difficult selling white powders in plastic bags as bath salts. "The compounds are not illegal and it’s not illegal to sell bath salts, it’s a very grey area. I doubt anyone who buys these are in any doubt what they’re for, it’s interesting to know how they know."


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