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World Anti-Doping Agency on drug education

The Bucks Free Press have an interview with Tony Copsey about the work he’s doing around drug misuse in rugby for the World Anti-Doping Agency.  He says:

“Where we’re coming from it is keeping that deterrent of more testing and more banning if required, but also up-front education and support because there is a lot of evidence that recreational drugs are a spur of the moment decision with people not really thinking about the ramifications.

“Matt Stevens is a classic example of a young player, very talented, who strayed down the wrong path. We’re not being naive and thinking that might not happen to another player.

“If you go to school these days you will get exposed to drug education and we sometimes forget that young players need that education as well.”

On the WADA site they have a number of pages dealing with education where they say:

Athletes who dope usually make this decision being fully aware of the necessary factual information about doping and its consequences. Those who decide not to dope will often do so based on personal convictions, of which the foundation is a strong values system. A preventive education program aimed at values development will ensure that young people, athletes and athlete support personnel have reasons to decide to avoid doping and to stick to that decision.

You can download their teachers toolkit which they hope will help educate young people about the dangers and issues associated with doping in sport here.


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