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links for 2009-06-10

  • In March, a report carried out for the National Union of Teachers (NUT) indicated an increase in the number of pupils taking drugs and weapons into the classroom.

    The study by Warwick University revealed twice as many teachers found drugs on pupils in 2008 then in 2001 – and four times as many found weapons on students.

  • Councils often do not know exactly how many youngsters in their area are caring for a parent or sibling, the small-scale Ofsted study found.

    Those caring for parents with substance abuse problems or mental health issues are the most likely to fall under the radar, it revealed.

    The study surveyed eight local authorities, talking to 50 young carers, including 37 who care for a disabled parent, in November and December last year.

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  • One in five Glasgow schoolchildren who took part in a major new survey admitted taking drugs, and 15% said they got drunk once a week.

    In the most detailed study yet of the health and behaviour of the city's young people, a fifth of all pupils who took part, some as young as 12, said they had taken drugs, 18% in the past year.

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