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Confirmed Recall and Perceived Effectiveness of Tobacco Countermarketing Media in Rural Youth

More American research into the perceived effectiveness of public health messages about tobacco, this time with a rural population.

The adds seem to have been “vivid“; for example on focused on “fatty deposits being squeezed from a deceased smoker’s aorta”, while another has “a former smoker speaking through his electro-larynx”.

The researchers suggest that:

These findings indicate certain TV and radio ads depicting graphic health harms from tobacco—especially the TV ad Artery and the radio ad ABC—are highly recalled and perceived as effective by both American Indian and white girls and boys from a rural region. Future research is needed to better understand which individual- and media-level factors increase the likelihood that anti-tobacco ads will be effective in reducing youth tobacco use.

I tried finding the Artery advert on YouTube and while the one below is from Australia it seems to be in the same vein:

And one from the UK with a similar visual message:


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