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Quadro QRS 250G

Richard Bailey on his Talking Education and Sport blog takes a look at how technology can help detect drug use amongst students:

If only there was a foolproof way of finding users, so that they could be helped to give up the gear, and take up more wholesome activities, like cricket and close harmony singing.

It turns out that there is a method.

The Quadro QRS 250G “Detector” (the Quadro Tracker) is a plastic box with an antenna. The manufacturers claim that this machine can detect drugs via “tuned frequency chips” to hone in on its target…

Richard doesn’t seem convinced, and perhaps with good reason; as looking into it a bit more it appears that the gizmo was taken off the market at the end of the 1990s on the inconvenient grounds it was a complete fake.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board…


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