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Assessing Changes in Global Drug Problems, 1998-2007

The Rand Corporation have published an assessment of global drug policy.

Included in their assessment is a section on prevention. They note that rehetoric about prevention is increasingly prominent in drug policy (citing the UK’s drug strategy as a case in point), but say that spending isn’t necessarily following.  They say:

Estimates of drug control expenditures for the Netherlands (Rigter, 2006) and Sweden (Ramsted, 2006) show that prevention programs account for a very small part of the total, 2% in the case of the Netherlands and 1% in the case of Sweden. Australia is an outlier, with an estimated 23 percent of the drug control budget going to prevention (Moore, 2005). For most countries such estimates are not available. The principal funded programs are school based; some countries eschew mass media campaigns.

Perhaps more worryingly they point out:

Though there is research evidence that effective school based programs are possible the programs that are adopted often have no demonstrated effectiveness (EMCDDA, 2008).

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