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Does Alcohol Outlet Density Affect Youth Access to Alcohol?

Perhaps unsurprisingly the answer appears to be yes.

Which led me to ask what we know about the number of licences here.

The DCMS publish figures for England and Wales and their latest report says:

The total number of premises licences in England and Wales (scaled up to 100%, i.e. all Licensing Authorities) was 185,000 in 2007 and 195,500 in 2008. Therefore there was an estimated 6% increase in the number of premises licences over the 12 month period.

But they go on to point out:

Around three quarters of premises licences have authorisation to sell alcohol. On 31st March 2008 there were 29,700 premises licences with on-sales only alcohol licences and 40,600 with off sales only alcohol licences. 69,200 licences had both on and off sales of alcohol licences in force, and a further 1,400 had permissions to sell or supply alcohol but did not specify in what capacity. 26,700 premises licences were not permitted for the sale or supply of alcohol, and alcohol permissions were unknown in 23,300 premises licences.

The report has an interesting graphic of where the highest proportion of 24 hour licences can be found.  However, it’s worth noting that 61% of these type of licence are held by hotel bars.


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