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Preventing Youths’ Use of Inhalants and Other Harmful Legal Products in Frontier Alaskan Communities: A Randomized Trial

Here’s part of the abstract of an new piece of research on VSA which seems to suggest that the risk and protective factors that we might expect to see involved in assessing risk didn’t apply.

This study tests for the efficacy of a school-based drug prevention curriculum (Think Smart) that was designed to reduce use of Harmful Legal Products (HLPs, such as inhalants and over-the-counter drugs), alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among fifth- and sixth-grade students in frontier Alaska… 

A multi-level analysis found that the Think Smart curriculum produced a decrease (medium size effect) in the proportion of students who used HLPs over a 30-day period at the 6 month follow-up assessment. There were no effects on other drug use. Further, the direct effect of HLPs use was not mediated by the measured risk and protective factors that have been promoted in the prevention field.


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