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Internet-based drug treatment interventions

Insight10-140pxHaving heard Teuvo Peltoniemi talk about the potential for the internet and ICT more generally in delivering treatment I was interested to see that the EMCDDA have a new report looking at the area.

They suggest:

offering treatment to drug users via the Internet could have a number of advantages: it could reach a group of young people whose pattern of drug use falls between experimental and problematic and who are currently not reached through any other channel.

They go on to suggest that it may prove to be a particularly attractive route for reaching young problematic cannabis users who may be reluctant to approach traditional treatment services, and note that:

currently in Europe, there is a general lack of services dedicated to young, socially integrated problem cannabis users.

The report looks at the Knowing Cannabis website’s self-help programme and say:

Available data for the Know Cannabis Self-help shows that only about 9 % actually completed the programme and participated for at least 28 days. This attrition rate is presumably due to the low threshold access at the beginning, as not even a valid e-mail address had to be entered, or a real name. One could expect higher retention rates for nonanonymous programmes, subject to a fee.

Nevertheless, the report argues we should see the programme as best practice “since other studies have shown the efficacy of similar self-help programmes for problem alcohol use”.


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