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Kids feeling unsafe on streets

CBBC Newsround have been asking children about how they feel about being out on the streets and say:

One in five of you feel unsafe on the streets, according to a Newsround survey.

Lots of you also said you are scared of bullies, and four out of ten of you are scared of the dark.

In the film that’s embedded on the Newsround site the children talk about being intimidated by older young people and on a separate page a young girl is quoted saying:

“If I go to the shops and it is late. Sometimes I see people drinking and worry, because they could do anything to you. Also, if I leave my bike outside people could take it.”

Newsround suggest that if children feel unsafe they should:

  •   Go out with a big group of people you know
  •   Stay in a well lit area
  •   Take your phone when you go out
  •   Stay in places you know well

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