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Drug Strategy One Year On

one-yearIt’s been a year since the government published the drug strategyLooking back this is what the Chair of the Drug Education Forum, Eric Carlin, had to say:

It’s good to see the commitment to improving the effectiveness of drug education and prevention for children and young people in the strategy. We know that most young people value this approach above others, with 94% saying it helped them think about the risks involved with taking drugs, and 82% saying it helped them avoid drugs.

It is going to be important for the government to get it right when talking to parents, schools, and others who deliver drug education about what evidence says is effective and to tie this to the wider public health agenda.

The government have taken the chance to highlight what they think it has achieved in that year with the publication of, The 2008 drug strategy one year on.

As you’d expect there is a chapter which focuses on young people.

positive-futuresIn terms of prevention they say they have:

increased the number of Positive Futures projects. Positive Futures targets young people in some of the country’s most disadvantaged areas. It uses sports and arts based activities to engage them and to give them the confidence to take control, change their behaviour and aspire to make something of their lives. The programme provides pathways into education, training and employment and informs young people about the dangers of substance misuse and crime.

They point to their public health campaigns, in particular the “Pablo the dog” campaign which they say has been viewed on YouTube over 700,000 times.

They also set out their future priorities, which include:

  • We know that it is not enough to respond when problems have developed, and when young people are already experiencing harm. One of our priorities is to expand our provision of services for families at risk, to prevent problems from developing and escalating. We will roll out Family Intervention Projects to all areas, offering intensive, non-negotiable support to up to 20,000 families facing complex problems, such as drug and alcohol misuse.
  • We are committed to ensuring that every young person receives good‑quality drug education. We will therefore consult the public this year on proposals to make Personal, Social and Health Education statutory for all schools.

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  1. Harry says:

    Now all they have to do is release the Blueprint outcome data!

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