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links for 2009-04-17

  • "They sit down and for eight minutes are shown a Powerpoint presentation. Facts about the nervous system, diet deficiencies, hormones and the menstrual cycle, drugs and pathogens whizz on and off screen at a dizzying rate. After which it's another 10 minutes with the basketballs, followed by the same eight-minute drill at their desks."
    (tags: education)
  • Operation Floorwalk involves schools, police, voluntary organisations, local authority, and the National Health Service. A team of individuals from these organisations identifies local “hot spots” of youth drinking that are then targeted during afternoons and early evenings. Young people younger than 16 years who are under the influence of alcohol are taken to a police station for their safety. The young people and their parents or carers are then counselled and offered further support through the voluntary sector, either in the form of specialist alcohol advice, social skills training, or group work.
  • In an editorial the Lancet says:

    "Laws that regulate the price and availability of alcohol are effective at reducing drink-related harm, whereas education and information programmes, although important, do not reduce the harms caused by alcohol."

    (tags: alcohol)

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