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When you lose your child to drugs

The Telegraph has a piece looking at what parents can do when trying to cope with their children’s drug problems.  The author comes at it from an American perspective, but it may be of interest none the less. 

As you’d expect from a piece of journalism there are different perspectives.  Those that frown on harsh discipline:

“This tough-love business – throwing him out of the house, calling the police – is just rejecting the child all over again,” says Sheenah Hankin, a British-born psychotherapist on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, who has a celebrity practice including the “brat pack” kids of the very rich. She argues for better understanding and tackling emotional issues that trigger teenage addiction.

And those who think it has a place:

there are addiction counsellors, often those dealing with teens from the urban “street culture”, who do endorse calling the police. “It can be a reality check,” says Perry Savino of the Bridge Back programme in Kingston, New York. “And I make it clear to kids in the programme that if they are selling drugs, then they are harming others. For that, they deserve the consequences.”

You can find a similar discourse about approaches to teenage development in this story from the Guardian a few days ago; where Decca Aitkenhead interviews Camila Batmanghelidjh (Kids Company) and Ray Lewis (Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy).

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