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National Tackling Drugs Week

home-officeVia DrugData Update I see that the Home Office have produced a handbook for local agencies and police forces to give them ideas on how to contribute to their tackling drugs week.

Amongst the advice and ideas were two that might interest readers of this blog.  First for talking to parents they say:

Why not approach a local school and see if you can reach parents through the schools newsletter with FRANK’s top tips, or is there a parents evening happening during National Tackling Drugs Week that you could go along to. FRANK branded leaflets, posters, postcards are available for you to use during National Tackling Drugs Week.

And if you are interested in reaching young people they suggest:

A really effective way of reaching young people is with the FRANK peer-to-peer street marketing approach. FRANK has produced a guide to street marketing – email FRANK@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk for a copy. The guide has information about recruiting and training young people to act as FRANK ambassadors and includes lots of ideas for getting key messages out to young people in your community.

These ideas apart I couldn’t help notice that prevention messages were notable by their absence.  By comparison I counted 7 key messages which are about enforcement and 4 which focus on treatment.


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