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Conference – Alcohol, drugs and anti-social behaviour in rural areas

rural-drug-programmeMentor UK are holding a conference on Alcohol, drugs and anti-social
behaviour in rural areas.

The event will take place in Nottingham on 11 June.  The flyer points out:

Rural areas, coastal towns, ex-mining areas and market towns continue to experience significant problems from drug and alcohol abuse, and from associated anti-social behaviour. Recent Home Office funding, which was recently announced for 50 priority areas with the highest levels of alcohol-related disorder, included places such as North East Lincolnshire, Weymouth and Mansfield.

Sessions include:

  • a comparison of findings on young people’s drug use from rural and urban areas;
  • a presentation on the diversity of modern rural Britain, recent changes, and the need for multiple approaches;
  • commissioning services for young people and families to meet the rural dynamic; and
  • Operation Goodnight: a curfew on under 16s in an area blighted by underage drinking, vandalism and graffiti.

The programme can be downloaded here, and a booking form is available here.

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