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Guide to Implementing Family Skills Training Programmes

unodc-familyUNODC have published a new report, a Guide to implementing family skills training programmes for drug abuse prevention.

They say:

Family skills training programmes have been found to be effective in preventing many of these risky behaviours, including substance abuse. Research findings confirm that skills training produces better results than do programmes that provide parents only with information about substances. Better yet, programmes including skills training for parents, children and families can be implemented from infancy through adolescence and have been shown to positively change family functioning and parenting practices in enduring ways. This results in healthier and more supportive environments in which children can grow and develop.

The report has the following chapters:

  1. Families and the need for family skills training programmes
  2. Principles of a good family skills training programme
  3. Culturally adapting family skills training programmes
  4. Recruiting and retaining parents and families
  5. Selecting, training and supporting group leaders
  6. Monitoring, evaluating and ensuring the sustainability of family skills training programmes
  7. Summary of the effectiveness, principles and benefits of family skills training programmes

Download the report here.


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