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Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary shake-up

The Guardian have seen something about the Rose review of the primary curriculum, which leads them to the conclusion that pupils will be learning about Twitter and blogs.

I’ve been at briefings about the review from those developing the report and it is clear that ICT is going to play a significant role in what primary school children will be expected to learn about if Sir Jim’s review is accepted by Ministers.

Including something about staying safe on social networking sites in the curriculum would seem to make a lot of sense to me.

We’ve seen a number of times over the last few years that newspapers have found what young people post on social networking sites very tempting particularly when it comes to stories about their use of alcohol.  Most recently the Scottish edition of the Sunday Express has used what young people from the town of Dunblane have put on their Facebook accounts as material for a front page story.  Public reaction in that case has been overwhelmingly negative, and the paper issued an apology.

Whether that signals a change in attitude towards what newspapers believe is acceptable in trawling social networking sites remains to be seen.

Clearly for primary school aged children they are unlikely to be the subject of this sort of story, but helping them to understand the power of these sites and how that power can be misused could be very valuable.


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