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Presentation to VNGOC Policy Forum

vienna-1I was asked to make a presentation to the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs as part of a session they had on good practice in cyberspace, which I did yesterday.

As you’ll see from the slides below my talk was about this blog and the Forum’s website and I then went on to make some general points about writing for the web reflecting on my experience over the last few years.

It’s my first international conference and was a fantastic opportunity to talk about what we do and the role that this site has had in our work since I came to work for the Forum.

It was also good to hear how others are using the web in their work on drug and alcohol problems.  You can see the agenda for the session here.

I wanted to particularly mention the presenation from Teuvo Peltoniemi, Head, Information Dept, A-Clinic, Finland, and President, PrevNet, who spoke about how ICT is being used to support prevention and treatment services at the moment and talked about how he sees this developing in the future.

I hope I can get a copy of his presentation and if so I’ll post it here.


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