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Conference – Youth Alcohol and Crime

I’ve been asked to bring your attention to the Youth Alcohol and Crime conference that is being put on by the Alcohol & Health Research Unit at the University of the West of England.

The organisers say:

Heavy drinking, sometimes associated with crime and disorder, causes great concern, both within the United Kingdom and in many other countries. Young people, especially teenagers and those aged 20-24 years are a high risk group for binge drinking and its negative effects. There has been an enormous recent increase in alcohol consumption amongst young people in the UK.  Teenagers are drinking twice as much as they did in 1990.  Moreover, this rise has included young women, who are increasingly becoming involved in alcohol-related disorder.

The conference takes place on Friday 13th November and there’s a draft agenda and booking form which you can download here.


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One Response

  1. ymts says:

    It looks to be a pretty interesting conference! In a while thought. It would also be interesting to see you go in depth about it!
    I’m doing it in this article, and I try to relate it to how “weird” it looks not to drink for youngsters.
    I think it might interest you.

    Tell me what you think about it!

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