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Vision for a good childhood for all

Vision for a good childhood for allLooking at the Children’s Society’s Vision for a good childhood for all I’ve picked out this bit, where they say that it is:

clear that children and young people are acutely aware of the negative impact of emotional and psychological pressures and stress on their mental health, such as anxieties over school achievement, body image, or feeling pressured to take risks with drinking, smoking or drugs.

To address this they suggest:

It is essential that there is a responsible and caring approach towards children’s health right across society – in supporting parents and schools to introduce children to foods and activities that are balanced, healthy and enjoyable; in assuring access to excellent healthcare that meets children’s needs; in incorporating learning about personal health and well-being into schools and informal education; in ensuring that family income is no barrier to children and young people accessing a wide range of opportunities, activities and resources through which they can maintain their physical and emotional health and fitness; and in considering how we can best protect children from some of the raw and damaging pressures of our culture of competitiveness over achievements, beauty and money.

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