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Parliamentary Question – Schools: Health Education

David Crausby MP, the Labour MP for Bolton North East, asks what steps the DCSF:

is taking to inform school children of the adverse effects of (a) smoking and (b) alcohol abuse.

The Minister, Sarah McCarthy-Fry, says:

Currently all schools should teach pupils about the effects of smoking and alcohol abuse, as part of drug education, through a well planned programme of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. The Department’s guidance, “Drugs: Guidance for Schools” (DfES 2004) sets out in broad terms what should be covered in each key stage.

We announced our intention to make PSHE education statutory in October 2008, in recognition of the key role it plays in equipping children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives. At the same time we launched an independent review of how this might be achieved in the most effective and practicable way. Sir Alasdair Macdonald, the headteacher of Morpeth school in Tower Hamlets, is conducting the review and will report in April 2009. Proposals for the statutory implementation of PSHE will be the subject of a full public consultation.

We cannot expect drug and alcohol education on its own to “solve the drug problem” in this country. That is why we are also increasing our focus on intervening with families at risk and continue to improve the support and treatment that the vulnerable young people who are most likely to develop a problem need.


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