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Two views on ecstasy classification

First Kathy Gyngell on the CPS blog:

Let us be quite clear what the  ACMD’s ‘ask’ of the Home Secretary was… It was to promote a government sanctioned ‘never say no’ culture with respect to our youth.  It was no less than an attempt to seduce or even bully her into a process of liberalisation creep.  And it was all on the basis of a single ‘scientifically’ referenced value judgment (however rigorously researched) that there is ‘very little evidence of ecstasy’s damage to society, compared with those caused by alcohol use or hard drugs such as heroin’.  Fortunately she was not so politically naïve as to fall for it.

For a different view, an editorial from The Lancet:

Ignoring scientific advice about illegal drugs in favour of politically and morally motivated judgments will not send the right signal to young people. It will only undermine public health messages about all drugs, be it MDMA or more harmful legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol.


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