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SHAHRP International Bulletin

shahrp-int-bulletinNyanda McBride, the Principal Investigator for the SHAHRP Study, has been kind enough to let me know that they have put together an international bulletin about their work.

Readers may recall earlier posts I’ve done on SHAHRP, in particular this one which set out some of their findings and this one which linked to Drug and Alcohol Findings take on the programme.  I’ve also previously linked to a presentation I was lucky enough to see about the trial of the programme in Northern Ireland.

The bulletin makes the case for why their results are important:

The SHAHRP results indicated an immediate effect in reducing the harm from young people’s own drinking, and the harm they experienced from other people’s drinking. Over the period of the study (from baseline to final follow-up 32 months later), students who participated in SHAHRP consumed 20% less alcohol, were 19.5% less likely to drink to harmful or hazardous levels, had a 10% greater alcohol related knowledge, experienced 33% less harm associated with their own use of alcohol and 10% less harm associated with other people’s use of alcohol than did the control group (who received regular alcohol education).

During the first and second phases, intervention students consumed 31.4% and 31.7% less alcohol. Differences in alcohol use were converging 17 months after the end of the program. Intervention students were 25.7%, 33.8% and then 4.2% less likely to drink to risky levels from first follow-up onwards. However, the impact on harm reduction was maintained. The intervention reduced harm that young people experienced as a result of their own use of alcohol, with intervention students experiencing 32.7%, 16.7% and 22.9% less harm from first follow-up onwards.

These findings are important given that school based drug education is often criticised for not impacting on young people’s behaviour.


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