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Breaking the Cycle

Barnardo'sBarnardo’s have published a report as part of their Believe in Children campaign.

They say:

Most children and young people are not troublesome – they attend school, take part in activities and a signifi cant number are volunteers. The evidence supports this: half of all 16 to 19-yearolds help informally in their communities and a third of them are formal volunteers. Similarly, nine out of 10 16-year-olds are in some form of further learning and 275,000 young people take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. But there is still a perception that children, and young people in particular, are responsible for a signifi cant amount of antisocial behaviour and crime. The British Crime Survey noted that people felt that young people committed up to half of all crime and young people themselves report that they feel the media consistently portrays them as antisocial.

They also publish a survey of young people in which one of the questions is:

Why do you think young people get into trouble?

  • 84% boredom
  • 75% peer pressure
  • 74% family problems
  • 69% scared/unhappy/bullied
  • 28% loss or bereavement
  • 15% alcohol or drugs
  • 11% status, to ‘look hard’ or ‘for kicks’

I wonder whether if adults were asked whether they would reach a similar set of conclusions.


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One Response

  1. Emma-Jane Cross, Chief Executive of Beatbullying says:

    Whilst we at Beatbullying welcome other charities constructively carrying out research into youth behaviour, it is completely irresponsible to allow our 11 million children and young people to hear that 53% of adults think they are animals – is this really a positive example to set our young people?

    The advertisement campaign to coincide with the report is equally disturbing and irresponsible. Intended to show how society condemns young people, it does nothing but enhance extremely dangerous misconceptions and further demonises our youth.

    As a result, we urge Barnardo’s to reconsider its decision to run this campaign.

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