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Gendered attitudes towards sexual relationships among adolescents attending nurse led sexual health clinics in England: a qualitative study

The media have picked up on research published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing which suggests that young men think it’s okay to get young women drunk in order to be able to have sex.

The abstract for the research is somewhat drier than the media coverage:

Conclusions. Male and female attitudes clearly differ. Female responses are more complex and empathic because of the more complex nature of the social pressures that sexualise young women. Young males are not as subject to these social forces. Young men are socialised into behaviour that can place females under pressure to have sex – this pressure can include the use of alcohol.

Relevance to clinical practise. Nurses working in sexual health should attempt to encourage empathic thinking in male clients. Females should be educated to deal with the social pressures they may face from their partners. Practitioners should also recognise the problematic role alcohol can play within sexual relationships.

I’d have thought that this research would be quite useful to NICE as they develop their guidance on PSHE focusing on SRE and Alcohol Education.


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