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links for 2008-10-24

  • Martin Barnes, Chief Executive of DrugScope, commented:

    "We welcome today's report and the government's positive response to the recommendations. Drug education is a key part of the armoury against drug and alcohol misuse, but as the report highlights there needs to be a better – and more realistic – understanding of what it can achieve, particularly in schools. Many factors can influence drug use.Sadly, we cannot inoculate young people against using drugs with just a few hours drug education in the classroom.

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  • Lessons covering sex education, relationships and substance misuse will be compulsory across primary and secondary schools in England, the government has revealed.
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  • As pupils progress through school they will be given detailed information about contraception and sexually transmitted infections as well as the risks of drug and alcohol misuse.

    However, ministers have not yet given any detail of exactly what the compulsory personal, social and health education will involve.

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  • Conor Ryan, former education advisor to Tony Blair:

    Today's news that Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is to become a compulsory part of the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools shouldn't trouble the majority of schools which provide such lessons in any case. And the fuss over sex education is overdone: the government has been at pains to point out that lessons should be age appropriate, placed in their proper moral context and developed in consultation with parents. Indeed, schools minister Jim Knight has framed the arguments in an exemplary manner.

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  • Sir Alasdair MacDonald, head teacher of Morpeth School in East London is to lead a review into the best way to make PSHE – which covers sex and relationships as well as drugs and alcohol and other life skills – compulsory.
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  • The government is also due to publish a second review on drugs education in schools today. It is expected to say that effective drug and alcohol education should be an entitlement for all children, and suggest that parents should be better informed.
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  • Pubs are being urged to remove cigarette vending machines from their premises in a bid to stop youngsters smoking.

    A government consultation is currently underway on the issue as part of a review of its tobacco strategy.

    But pubs in Middlesbrough have been asked by the mayor to voluntarily remove the machines after trading standards tests revealed only two out of 10 pubs stopped a 13-year-old using them.

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  • People are well used to seeing performance enhancing drugs in the world of sport, but now chemical enhancement is spreading to the world of academia as students go to extreme lengths to get the right grades.
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  • Some 48% of the 1,479 polled for the Teacher Voice survey said behaviour had worsened. This figure rose to 54% among secondary school teachers.

    However, 70% of teachers overall said behaviour was either good or very good, and only 6% rated it as being poor.

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  • Between the age of seven and 11 schools will be required to teach about reproduction. Pupils will also be taught how medicines and toxins affect the body and "some of the dangers" of taking drugs, which could include heroin and cocaine.

    In the first three years of secondary education pupils will learn about sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, homosexuality, marriage and civil partnerships. In drugs education they will investigate the laws around drug and alcohol abuse and the social risks and impacts.

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  • CHILDREN as young as five will be taught about sex, drugs and alcohol in compulsory lifestyle lessons, ministers announced today.

    Pupils need schools to help them cope with the dangers of modern life such as binge drinking and substance abuse, according to the Government.

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  • Secondary schools have so far had to teach the mechanics of sex in biology classes, but not in conjunction with relationships and sexual health. The new lessons will be part of wider lifestyle classes that will include drugs and alcohol.
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  • The decision to include alcohol and drugs education within the new statutory PSHE programme should provide reassurance too. It means that young people can be taught about handling the incendiary mix of sex, peer pressure and alcohol/drugs all at the same time.
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  • Gill Frances: "I am delighted that sex and relationship education is becoming compulsory under PSHE. It is what we have been calling for for years.

    "We need to talk about the connections between the two, so that young people learn how to cope if they feel pressurised into having sex for example or about the effects of alcohol.

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  • Lessons on drugs and alcohol abuse are also set to be overhauled. Last night it was reported that children as young as seven will be taught about the dangers of drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, and how to keep safe from syringes.
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  • Primary school children are to be given compulsory lessons in sex education and the dangers of drugs, the Government confirmed.

    The shake-up of lessons is aimed at cutting Britain's high teenage pregnancy rate and steering youngsters away from drug and alcohol misuse.

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  • All state school pupils in England are in future to receive compulsory lessons in sex, relationships, drug misuse, personal finance and first aid, in both primary and secondary schools.
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  • Commenting on Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Principal Officer (Education) Alison Johnston said: "We broadly welcome the initiatives announced today, and will study the details, but we do have a number of concerns and reservations.

    "Schools already address issues of sex and relationships and drugs and alcohol through PSHE and Citizenship lessons, so additional guidance will be useful. However, the curriculum is already crowded and so it will be difficult to find space to cover even more social issues.

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  • Chief Executive of the PSHE Association Sarah Smart said ‘This is excellent news for our members who have consistently called for the subject to be made statutory; it demonstrates the Government’s commitment to this important area of the curriculum and the wellbeing of children and young people’.
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  • NSCoPSE – The National Association for Personal and Social Education Advisors, Inspectors and Consultants has welcomed today's move by Schools Minister, Jim Knight, to make Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) a statutory subject in the National Curriculum for English schools.

    Commenting after today's announcement, Marilyn Tew, Chair of NSCoPSE, said:- 'We welcome the new status of PSHE as an essential and integral part of each school's work in developing successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

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  • "The DCSF has decided, in principle, to make this a statutory entitlement and is now thankfully pausing to consider how this is done.

    "This at least gives the opportunity to consider the role that suitably qualified support staff and other members of the wider children's workforce, such as health and social work professionals, should be making in supporting schools in this area of work. Teachers simply do not have the capacity to absorb and cope alone with yet another statutory requirement.

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  • School leaders are opposed to making PSHE a compulsory subject, as announced today by the Secretary of State. The ASCL general secretary recently wrote to Ed Balls in an attempt to persuade him that he should not make PSHE compulsory.
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  • SEX education classes will become compulsory for state-educated children in England aged five to 16, alongside new lessons on drugs, healthy lifestyles and finance, the British government announced today.

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