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Teen Alcohol Problems in Spotlight – Norfolk and Suffolk

The East Anglian Daily Times report on a conference to discuss excessive use of alcohol by young people:

A report earlier this year revealed that the east of England has the highest rate of alcohol abuse in the country among children aged 13 to 15.

According to the findings, from the region’s Strategic Health Authority (SHA), 12.6% of youngsters in the east of England aged 13-15 drink seven or more units a week, compared to the national average of 8.2%.

The piece quotes Janet Holmes from Norcas:

“The project enabled us to promote a set of Alco Cards which offers practical harm reduction advice to young people and these were given out to students at schools and colleges across Suffolk.

“Following this we returned to the same venues and students completed questionnaires regarding alcohol. Four focus groups were then set up to discuss young people’s views, attitudes and experiences in more depth.”


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  1. David Eugene says:

    This kind of news never seems to go away. About 6 years ago I wrote a little book called “20 Good Reasons to Stay Sober (even if you don’t have a drinking problem)” It’s free to read on-line. Articles like this continue to confirm my battle cry regarding the dangers of alcohol use/abuse. “Education is the key to making good choices.”



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