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Drug running by children in St Ann’s, Nottingham

This is Nottingham quote Allan Breeton, Director of Operations at the Nottingham Crime & Drugs Partnership, who attended a meeting to look at drug dealing by young people:

“There was talk of young children, nine and ten-year-olds, being involved in drug-running, but the meeting did not deal with named children. It was fairly generic.

“The heart of the meeting focused on three questions: What’s the problem? How big is it? What are we going to do about it?

“School representatives and others were asked to see what intelligence they could get and bring it to the next meeting.

“We want to have some evidence and not rely on anecdote.”


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2 Responses

  1. bob jones says:

    I see drug dealing in st anns everyday at the end of the alley on elgar gardens same people just standing waiting for young mainly teenage youths to deliver them heroin they look like zombies its unreal how they do it like its normal daily life then they act like some kind of wannabe american gang member spraying stannz with dollar signs about sad but true.

  2. Emma says:

    Reply to Bob Jones:
    Hi, im curious about the comment you made, Do you still see this going on in the area? Has anything and could anything be done about it? I suppose these kids do it for street cred more than anything else.

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