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Age at First Drink and the First Incidence of Adult-Onset DSM-IV Alcohol Use Disorders

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research carries an abstract on research about the link between age of first drink and the risk of alcohol use disorders:

Existing studies of the association between age at first drink (AFD) and the risk of alcohol use disorders (AUD) suffer from inconsistent levels of control and designs that may inflate associations by failure to control for duration of exposure to risk.

The research concludes:

There is a robust association between AFD and the risk of AUD that appears to reflect willful rather than uncontrolled heavy drinking, consistent with misuse governed by poor decision-making and/or reward-processing skills associated with impaired executive cognitive function (ECF). Additional research is needed to determine causality in the role of impaired ECF, including longitudinal studies with samples of low-risk adolescents.


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