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Teenage timebomb: The devastating legacy of modern youngsters’ addiction to alcohol

The Daily Mail:

The nation’s teenagers are turning to drink like never before. They are starting to drink younger and they are drinking more. And for themselves and for society, the consequences are truly devastating.

Teenagers who drink are lost to education, their attendances dwindling and their behaviour deteriorating until there is no option but to exclude them. Teenagers who drink get into trouble with the police, their out-of-a-bottle bravado and loss of inhibition resulting in violent assaults.

The piece doesn’t mention that fewer young people are drinking; the numbers who say they’ve never had a drink have gone up from 39% in 2003 to 46% in 2007.

There is even evidence that the number of young people who drink regularly (at least once a week) is falling – down from 20% in 2001 to 15% last year.

However, the story is right that amongst those who are drinking there has been an increase in the amount that’s being drunk, and so the damage to both immediate and long term health.

Pupils who drank in the last week consumed an average of 12.7 units in 2007, equivalent to over six pints of normal strength beer or nearly one and a half bottles of wine.  As can be seen from the chart below the amount that young people drink rises as they grow older.


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