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CHAMP Awards; An Invitation

My colleagues at Mentor UK have asked me to invite readers of this blog to the CHAMP Awards ceremony next month.

The awards celebrate the best alcohol misuse projects working with children and young people. The event will offer an opportunity to see the work of the winning projects, on what should be a fun and inspiring afternoon.

If you fancy coming please contact Derek – derek.ferguson@mentoruk.org – before the 28th October.


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  1. Steve Rolles says:

    Im surprised, and disappointed, to see this initiative is sponsored by DIAGEO. They are the makers of Smirnoff vodka, J&B whiskey, not to mention Guinness, tequila, rum, gin and numerous other alcohol brands – which despite their lame denials – are frequently aggressively marketed at children and young people – through sport and event sponsorship, print and TV advertising

    These are profit making companies not public health advocates. They make huge sums from binge drinking and dependent alcohol users – a key market sector for them. They only engage in token efforts such as this when they need to ramp up their ‘we are socially responsible’ PR under threat from increasing regulation (itself a belated a response to an unprecedented epidemic of youth binge drinking and related illness).

    Mentor should have nothing to do with them, and nor should the DEF promote the PR efforts of industries that have fought effective public health based regulation at every juncture – with disastrous results for all to see. It gives them an entirely undeserved veneer of respectability by association.

    Transform discuss some of these issues more detail in our recent submission to the DoH alcohol consultation here:

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