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Forget Sats: lesson one is a basic emotional education

The Guardian carries a piece about the need to think about the well-being of pupils as part of their education:

Too many children live with a dysfunctionality that goes back generations. They might be living with poverty, unemployment, violence, drug use, acute emotional problems, varying degrees of neglect and abuse. Their problems are manifested through violent and inappropriate behaviour.

At school, these children aren’t mentally or emotionally ready for the academic learning designed for others. The curriculum races ahead of them, while their life sentence of labels begins. They are difficult, troublemakers, a problem. Then they’re excluded, hoodies, yobs. There’s an inevitability about the next label: criminal. However long their sentence, once they’ve got that label, the prejudices of others ensure they’re really lifers by instalment. And maybe they’ll add another label too: addict.


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