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I’m trying something different with the news feeds I follow.  As I hope you’ll have seen over the time I’ve been writing this blog often the stories that are run are pretty similar; today’s coverage of the reclassification of cannabis is a good example.

So while it might be interesting to see the scale of the coverage the content can be picked up from reading a single piece or perhaps two.

What I thought I’d try is using the social bookmarking site Delicious to capture the scope of the coverage and leave the blog to cover the essentials of any story.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with how social bookmarking works then this short video is very helpful.

I’ll be trying to set up an automated posting to the blog which will let you know about the links I’ve bookmarked, but I’m not exactly clear how to do that (anyone who can help on that let me know).  But if you’re interested you can follow what I’m up to here or sign up to the RSS feed here.

It is an experiment, so any feedback on what you as readers would find useful will be very valuable indeed.


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  1. Steve Rolles says:

    Ive done something similar to what (I think) you are talking about on the transform blog – the miniblog – which is basically a feed from a delicious bookmark collection I set up. it was pretty easy actually – get in touch, Im happy to help.

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