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Tee-Total at University

The BBC take a look at those who choose not to drink when they’re at university:

And the teetotallers should take heart from the knowledge that they are not alone. A study last year at Lancaster University noted that there was evidence the number of teetotallers aged 16-24 was rising.

Of course, even for most people who are vehemently against binge drinking, the norm is drinking in moderation rather than giving up completely. But for a lot of student teetotallers it is difficult to envision going on a night out, having a drink or two and then stopping. And then there are those who simply do not enjoy even the smallest dose.

By contrast the Guardianlook at the consequences of a film made of students in Gloucester who appear to have been involved in an initiation ceremony. 

You might remember that universities appear to be trying to use behaviour contracts with their students which ask the students to “avoid academic and general misconduct”.


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